(Guest Post by Surfboard Brands HQ writer, James) While doing research for a board of my own I decided to look at what the pros were using just to get some insight. Then somehow I stumbled across contracts that professional surfers sign with different corporations. What I noticed is many pros are not signed with… Read More »

(Guest Post by Surfboard Brands HQ writer, James) While doing my research  I wanted to look for something that was eye catching and had to do with the everyday surfer. To improve his/her skill, style, and investment when it comes down to buying a well made durable surfboard. As I was brainstorming I remember coming… Read More »

Surfboard Brands from Australia

Besides California, Australia is the other country with the most surfboard brands due to its popular and highly surfed Sunshine Coast. There is no shortage of great surf all around the Australian coastline, and history of surfing is here to stay for many years to come (as long as land development doesn’t destroy the natural… Read More »

Surfboard Brands in US Not From California

California is the surf capital of the United States (and quite frankly, possibly the world). Okay great, I believe most know that. So move aside California for a second, and let the other states get a chance that also equally shape great boards as well. (Hawaii and Alaska aren’t included, well because Hawaii is also… Read More »

Surfboard Brands from the UK

I recently connected up with a friend who is from the United Kingdom, and asked him what the surfboard brands are over in the British isle. While I was looking out for more brands to add, none of the shapers or brands have come from the UK, until now. Some popular surfboard brands from the… Read More »

Growing List of Surfboard Brands Worldwide

The list of surfboard brands and shapers continues to grow! We have included them in the list and you will notice them as unlinked, since the recent additions don’t have overviews and details yet. Those will be coming soon. Overall I’m quite amazed at the variety of shapers I’ve discovered located all over the world. When… Read More »